Company Vision
A common exercise, the counterbalancing exercise, must be composed of a warm-up, a main exercise, and a cool-down period in order to meet the necessary conditions for injury prevention and the maximization of efficiency.

The SYNCARE program is a total exercise that seeks to restore body functionality in a non-pharmaceutical and non-surgical way. It is the optimal method for inducing maximum relaxation and contraction to restore muscle functionality, and the SYNCARE apparatus maximizes safety and efficiency through the implementation of a design for counterbalancing movement. As a result, gravity and speed are adjusted autonomously according to individual circumstances, allowing for a quick and easy, dramatic experience. Furthermore, SYNCARE aims to lead the global health industry based on the new healing-culture concept of K-Pilates.

Our Services
Differentiation of SYNCARE
  • International patented exercise equipment awarded the German iENA as well as other domestic and foreign certifications
  • Includes about 300 practical exercise programs incorporating the concepts of underwater exercise
  • Provides personalized exercise programs in line with the individual characteristics of all people, regardless of age or gender
  • Improvement effects on sarcopenia, posture, lower/upper body function, chronic edema, etc.
  • Provides functions not only for fitness, but also for rehabilitation and maternal/elderly exercise, as a multi-purpose home gym.
History of SYNCARE’s Practical Exercises