Practical exercise program
What is the SYNCARE Practical Exercise Program?

It is a total care program that promotes the activation, maintenance, and management of survival muscles that have become deteriorated due to aging or disease. It helps to correct the shape of the upper and lower body through 50 basic movements, and helps restore function in obese, elderly, and physically impaired people. Additionally, it is a multi-purpose exercise program that is also appropriate for couple exercises designed for two people, dance exercises to train your mind and body to music, couch exercises where you can sit on the sofa without overdoing it, etc. The Practical Exercise Program helps improve individual dignity and quality of life by enabling nice appetite, nice sleep, and nice bowel movements, which are the clear health indicators of a properly functioning human body and daily activities necessary for life.

Necessity of the Practical Exercise Program

Currently, with the rapid change to an aging society, health and welfare policies in advanced OECD countries have shifted from high-cost, treatment-centered policies to low-cost prevention/management policies. Also, it is necessary to improve immunity, which has been lost due to limited and reduced social activities following the COVID-19 pandemic. Senior citizens over the age of 65 have, on average, more than three underlying diseases and account for more than 70% of the medical expenses of the total population. Therefore, as the economic burden on families and society increases, social anxiety is rising. Accordingly, the self-care exercise of SYNCARE will be an optimal alternative with low cost and high efficiency.

Membership Type
Practical Exercise Program Membership

① V Lounge Membership → 1 on 1 Personalized Exercise

  ② V Home Care Membership → Visiting Total Exercise Class